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Make Sure You Plan Your Wills and Probate in Spain

Make Sure You Plan Your Wills and Probate in Spain

Do you have assets in Spain? Have you thought about what happens to those assets when you pass away?

Who inherits your assets in Spain?
What laws will be applied to your inheritance?
What can you do now to reduce the red tape, costs and inheritance taxes for your heirs?

Are you about to receive an inheritance including assets in Spain? Do you know how to get these assets in your name?

  • What do you have to do in order to get ownership of the inherited assets?
  • What taxes and costs will you have to pay?

The objective of AvaLaw is to minimise taxes and bureaucracy for you when receiving or leaving properties in Spain as inheritance. With the three services of AvaLaw in this field (wills, probate and custody) you will have all the Spain-related inheritance matters under control.

Watch Roser Coll, Expert Lawyer in Wills and Probate, explain it all here

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Client testimonials

“I was recommended AvaLaw by a friend and they proved to be excellent in the purchase of a house that had complications in terms of paper work that was not completed. They worked extremely hard and quick on my behalf. I have full confidence in them and I have recommended them to my friends, who have been very happy with their services concerning wills, inheritance, tax, etc’”

Sheelagh Ratliff,

“I enjoyed dealing with Roser Coll at Avalaw. Roser is very efficient, responds very promptly to emails and informed me at each stage of the progress of the Probate. I would recommend Avalaw as being a knowledgeable and reliable firm, which didn’t fail to deliver. Plus, the added bonus of a very good knowledge of the English language!”

Rosaleen Tucker,

“AvaLaw’s team made my Spanish will last year. Roser and her team were very professional, prompt and efficient, and informed me about the whole process in detail. They provide a whole range of services and I would not hesitate to recommend AvaLaw to anybody!”

Yumiko Chujo,

Hi I’m Roser.

I’m specialized in wills & probate matters always with an international connection.
Please don’t hesitate to consult me on any question or doubt you might have on wills and probate. Full discretion.

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