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Are you looking to buy or sell a business in Spain?

Are you looking to buy or sell a business in Spain?

Would you like to sell your business? Or, buy one? Hotel or winery? Maybe a construction company, or a tech start up?

No matter what the sector, your objective is to sell or acquire the business for the best possible price, with minimum tax consequences and no nasty surprises, during or after the operation has been completed.

AvaLaw can help you to make that happen. You can rest assured that we have already counselled a similar company to attain a successful result. We’ll be happy to provide you all the necessary advice on the legal and administrative hurdles that should be taken into account during the process.

If you wish to sell, but have not found a buyer yet – or if you want to buy but do not have a target yet, our sister company AvaM&A can do the search for you.

Watch our expert in Mergers & Acquisitions explain it all here:

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“AvaLaw assisted us in investing in a business in Barcelona. The team was professional and diligent, and set up for us a good tax structure, as well as negotiated very beneficial terms for us”

T. J., Technology entrepreneur, Finland

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