Investing in Real Estate in Spain

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Investing in Real Estate in Spain

Investing in Real Estate in Spain

Our real estate clients run the range from holiday homebuyers to institutional investors…

AvaLaw is recognized in the sector as one of the leading firms in assisting foreign real-estate investors to buy and sell properties in Spain safely, with the best possible terms and with no surprises – while paying minimum taxes and other costs in the process.

Whether you are a holiday home buyer or a professional real-estate fund, you simply choose the property and we take care of the rest. Our full package of services includes tax planning, NIE numbers, setting up of companies, due diligence, survey, contracts, closing and even tying up any loose ends, such as direct debiting the invoices and transferring the utility contracts into the name of the new owner.

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Client testimonials

“The stress of purchasing a property in a foreign country was reduced considerably thanks to the support of the lawyers of AvaLaw. They answered us immediately and explained clearly the procedures and issues with which we were confronted

Client of AvaLaw

“AvaLaw has enabled me to do the seemingly impossible: purchase a number of Barcelona apartments over time while I’ve been in faraway places, from Los Angeles to Zurich to Moscow. AvaLaw conducts masterful negotiations and due diligence whilst striving for the best possible deal, and closes the purchase on my behalf for the selected properties”

Client of AvaLaw

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