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Doing business in Spain?

Doing business in Spain?

Want to set up a company in Spain? Expanding your business into Spain?

Looking for English speaking lawyers in Spain to defend the interests of your business here?

AvaLaw assists corporate clients from all continents with their business in Spain. Our English speaking lawyers in Barcelona, Madrid, and the Balearics can save you a significant amount of time, money and head-ache by assisting you with setting up the business in Spain, optimizing the taxes, negotiating contracts, and providing support in any legal or administrative matter during the life-span of your business in Spain.

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Client testimonials

“AvaLaw helped Spheremania to establish our business in Barcelona and they assisted us with all kinds of contractual and legal issues. In our opinion, the quality of their work was excellent!
AvaLaw can make the most complex situations and procedures appear to be a walk in the park. The lawyers respond to telephone calls and emails quickly and effectively. Our main contact, Raisa Venermo, is always on hand and happy to go that extra mile to help. Her advice is clear and easy to follow and this is particularly useful when confronted with Spanish bureaucracy.
We would definitely recommend AvaLaw to other clients”

Anna Saxby & Davide van Vlijmen,

I came across AvaLaw a couple of years ago when we collaborated with an international company from London within the technology sector. Besides taking very good care of all the legal work, filling out all the legal documents professionally, we felt safe and guided very well through the process from A to C. AvaLaw is a very professional team and we would recommend them at any time for our partners in Spain”

Jacob Munch, Co-Founder, Munch & Strom

I have an import and export business based in Ghana in West Africa and in Barcelona. I bring foreign investors together with opportunities in the food sector in West Africa. From the beginning, I have decided to use AvaLaw because of their professionalism. I have been very impressed with the way they have been able to grasp the needs and objectives of my business right away”

Robert Strøm Owusu

Hi I’m Lourdes.

I’m specialized in international investments and corporate law.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any consultation.

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