Real estate market 2017: Mallorca

For the last ten years Mallorca’s real estate market has enjoyed ongoing success. Not only does the island attract a robust national Spanish market but also an excellent range of…

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What will Brexit mean for British expats living in Spain?

4.5 million Britons live abroad, with approximately 1.3 million of them in Europe, according to the United Nations. Spain hosts the biggest number of British expats (around 319,000), followed by Ireland…

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New law to curb the non-regulated offer of tourist apartments in the Balearic Islands

The government of the Balearic Islands admitted to processing on April 7 the so-called Tourist Rental Bill, an ordinance that aims to regulate tourist rentals in the region. The bill still…

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Latest Spanish Supreme Court ruling about floor clauses

Spain’s Supreme Court has ordered the country’s banks to refund their customers all the money they earned from applying so-called floor clauses (cláusulas suelo).   Floor clauses imposed a lower…

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NDAs: how do they work and why are they important?

What would Coca-Cola be if someone within the company had unveiled the secret of its formula? Imagine for a moment that the best kept secret of your business is made…

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The ‘arras’ contract: an explainer

Today we want to discuss in more detail the arras contract. As we mentioned in our article “Types of Real Estate Purchase Agreements”, when the buyer signs the so-called arras or…

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Types of Real Estate Purchase Agreements

If you do any real estate investing or are looking to purchase an apartment or home you’re likely going to review and sign a real estate contract. A real estate contract is a contract between…

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How to establish a Limited Liability Company with a foreign partner

The fact that a limited company considers having a foreign partner not residing in Spain does not constitute an obstacle to it operating as if all the partners were Spanish….

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6 things you should know before becoming the legal administrator of an S.L.

Accepting the role of legal administrator of a limited liability company (S.L.) in Spain gives you almost unlimited power in the company, however, it also carries serious obligations and responsibilities…

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How do I declare foreign investment received by my company?

Spanish companies, big or small, must declare to Hacienda the financing they receive. In the case of foreign investment this is particularly important due to the Spanish Government’s recent efforts…

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